Ghost Stories

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Edenhall Country Hotel

Out of the several ghosts that call Edenhall Country Hotel their home, one is seen particularly often by guests and staff alike – a female ghost who tends to stay in room 25 (now room 4). She has been seen sitting at the bottom of the bed in the room, and in the mirror in the bathroom when guests are using the bathtub.
The hotel used to have lots of mirrors above the bar – but after many complaints from both guests and staff of spooky apparitions in the mirrors, they were taken down. This doesn’t mean that the ghosts have gone away, however – an old woman is still regularly seen going to the chair in the corner of the bar to sit down and watch all the activity.

St James cemetery, Liverpool

The Grade I listed Historic Park and sunken graveyard is home to nearly 58,000 Victorian and Edwardian graves.
This includes that of a Sea Captain who was murdered and a Midget Artist who had lived her early years in a Victorian Freak Show.

Myth has it that the cemetery is haunted by a number of ghosts and even an entity bearing the figure of a vampire.
Reported sightings include William Huskisson MP, laid to rest in 1830 after being killed by the Rocket locomotive.
William Huskisson MP has been said to have been spotted leaving his grand mausoleum memorial.
Some sightings have reported seeing him dressed in a top hat and cape, roaming the cemetery.
Others have recalled hearing his footsteps surrounding the mausoleum.

Morecambe Winter Gardens

Morecambe’s Winter Gardens the town’s oldest surviving theatre, is one of the town’s most haunted buildings! 
One ghost is said to be that of a seamstress who never achieved her dream of becoming a dancer and so still haunts the dressing rooms, people have reported ghostly goings on in the auditorium, the stairwells and the bar.  There are also numerous stories of people being poked, prodded, slapped and pushed, as well as a brown cloaked figure running around backstage.
The theatre is said to have a “good side” and an “evil side”, along with a very sinister presence lurking beneath the stage and apparitions walking on the staircase. 

Lancaster Castle
The castle harbours a long and dark history. Used for the Lancashire Witch Trials in 1612, as well as 265 public hangings, and more recently a Category C Prison, Sightings have included shadowy figures, floating orbs, sudden low temperatures and the sounds of crying. 
Seeing as Lancaster was known as the Hanging Town, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of ghost stories associated with the place. 
A monk with a noose around his neck is said to roam the grounds and one of the Pendle Witches, Elizabeth Southerns, is also said to make her presence felt. Some visitors have even reported a feeling of being pushed as they wander around the grounds.