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Our services

Paranormal  investigations

It’s very possible that the things you’re experiencing have a perfectly natural cause. It’s also very possible that something outside of the normal is going on. Be it an earthbound spirit, a visitation from someone crossed over, or something entirely different but equally as supernatural, if you’re experiencing something along those lines contact us using the form on the rsvp page.

investigating locations that are reported to be haunted by ghosts. Our team will attempt to collect evidence supporting the existence of paranormal activity. Using a variety of electronic devices, including EMF meters, digital thermometers, digital video cameras, thermographic and night vision cameras, and audio recorders.

Photographic, video and audio analysis

Examination & analysis of recorded video, audio, images, and other forms of multimedia evidence in relation to paranormal sightings, ariel phenomenon and unexplained anomalies. Our services include digital clarification, enhancement and interpretation.

Events video and audio recording

Record your ghost hunting event, for research or marketing purposes. Audio and video production capturing every event to its greatest potential. We record events with multiple cameras and incorporate a variety of angles to capture every moment. 

Talks and presentations

Join us for an exciting programme of talks and presentations on a variety of paranormal topics at public venues or at your paranormal event.

Sound and light special effects

Introduce some excitement and drama to your event with the addition of some special effects to give your event that sinister feeling. We use lighting and audio effects to promote a heightend feeling of suspense and fear at locations within your event.