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Meet the Team

John Leahy

Location manager

Lead investigator,  Media presenter, EVP specialist,

Researcher,  Historian


Diploma in parapsychology

Paranexus investigation cert

Paranormal investigation level 1,2+3

Chris Guyers

Lead investigator, location co-ordinator,

EVP specialist, Equipment technician,  

IT technician


Paranexus investigation cert

Paranormal investigation level 1,2+3

Kay Halkerd


Natural spiritual healer


Paranormal investigation level 1+2

Associate members

Paranormal places UK provides you with an opportunity to choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor locations well known for their frequent paranormal activity.
You will be guided through your paranormal investigation by the experienced staff at Paranormal places UK. Our ratio of investigator to guest is low and affords every participant the opportunity to learn and use the equipment featured on popular paranormal tv shows.

We won’t leave you in a dark scary place all alone to figure out how to communicate with the dead.
We’re right there in the thick of it alongside you, immersing you in the experience, and taking your paranormal journey to the next level.

More equipment, professionally run and private haunted locations.

New members required for investigation team

Applying for membership:

Becoming a team member! 

In order to be considered for membership, an applicant must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Be able to attend the monthly team meetings in the South Lancashire / Merseyside area
  3. Be willing to learn  processes and procedures and to work with others in a team-oriented environment
  4. Have a real desire to help people, not just to “ghost hunt”
  5. Own a personal computer on which to review evidence and communicate with team members    
  6. Have your own reliable transportation

In addition to the above-listed qualifications, we are always in need of applicants who have a specific skill or ability to contribute to the team: technology, website building, photography, paranormal investigation experience, sensitive abilities, leadership skills, organizational  skills or experience with non-profit organizations.

Applicant Process:

  1. Your applications are reviewed by a team member, and interviews are completed with team members

  2. When a new team member is accepted, there is a 90-day period as “trainee” .

  3. After the training period, there is a 3-month probationary period.

  4. When probation is complete, you are a full investigator with Paranormal places UK.

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in applying to join our team, please complete the application.  One of our team  members will contact you to discuss your application. Thank you!

Membership application

Frank Humphries

Merseyside, UK

Researcher, investigator

Holly Welch

Cheshire, UK


Mandy Welch

Cheshire, UK


Kevin Hughes

Cheshire, UK



Some of our most haunted experiences

Location - St James cemetery, Liverpool

Investigators present - John Leahy

Activity experienced - Full body apparition

During a late night walk through the cemetery with two local reporters from a liverpool publication lead investigator John Leahy was returning to the group after conducting a lone vigil near to the Huskison monument, both reporters asked who the other person was walking across the grassy area between the trees, they where shocked to discover that he was alone all the time.

Location - Croxteth Hall, Liverpool

Investigators present - Chris Guyers

Activity experienced - Door opening and closing

In the wine cellar of the hall lead investigator Chris Guyers captured on video a door opening and closing at request.

Location - St Catherines asylum, Doncaster

Investigators present - John Leahy, Chris Guyers

Activity experienced - Poltergeist activity

In the top floor corridor of the asylum are a series of individual asylum inmate rooms, these rooms are currently used for storing medical records and are locked with padlocks on the outside of the door, while discussing the evenings events a door handle approximately 1 mtr from us was moving up and down as though a person inside was trying to get out.

Location - Croxteth Hall, Liverpool

Investigators present - John Leahy, Chris Guyers

Activity experienced - Sounds of footsteps and doors opening and closing

Prior to a public event at the hall we arrived early to set up our equipment, two security guards left us in the hub area to go up to the first floor and turn on some lights, on their return they asked if we had been up to the top floor as they had heard noises above them, we explained that we had not left the room so we decided to go up to the first floor, while there we heard the sound of footsteps and doors opening on the floor above us, on inspection we found the upper floor empty, on our return to the hub we where told that a third security guard in the security lodge had witnessed glowing balls of light on the security cameras following us along the corridor.